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About Us - Founded in early 2007, Diane Taren, Omar Lindsey

The Hip Hop Network is the largest network for everything Hip Hop. (Music, Film, Fashion, Arts and Entertainment)

THHN was founded in early 2007 for the purpose of providing expert advice and an online platform to hard working young artists to help further their careers in the Music and Entertainment business.   We have helped over 100 artists reach their goals and are continuously providing advice and a network of resources to further our clients careers.   

In early 2007 we reached out to young hard working artists on MySpace and offered them our free services as they were our first batch of young artists such as Soulja Boy, French Montana, LiL Mama.   THHN made Hip Hop History.   Our network provides services at a fraction of the  cost because our network of experts are dedicated to give back and help the independent artist succeed.  We understand the obstacles artist face in the industry and how hard it is to succeed.  

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Attn all Artists, if you afford the time and internet service, you can afford your career.

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THHN supporters and clients

David Bowie, Soulja Boy, French Montana, Mann, Snoop Dogg, Onyx, Jhelisa Anderson, Diana Ross, Chico Ross, Howie Rice, Kate Hudson, Nipsey Hustle, Justin Bieber, Royal Family Members - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and many many more 

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THHN, 1 stop shop for Artists, Film makers, Fashion & Entertainment entrepreneurs

THHN is a global network of experts giving back to the young generation of entrepreneurs in the Music, Film, Fashion and Entertainment Business.   We offer expert advice and services at our network rates.  We are here to help you succeed,  

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The Hip Hop Network


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